Get Started

This page shows you how to get started with the Mirador Viewer that is available on this site. Learn how to:
download icon 
To download a copy of the image, click on the Download icon.
Information icon
For information (object metadata) about the resource you are viewing, click on the Information icon.
Information icon get object metadata
image manipulation toggle
Image Manipulation Toggle
You can toggle the Image Manipulation button to adjust the brightness, contrast, colour saturation, invert the colours, or to change colour images to black & white, and reset to restore the original image.
To make the image lighter or darker, use the slider to select a percentage with the Adjust Brightness tool.
 Adjust Brightness tool
To increase or reduce the contrast between darker and lighter areas of the image, use the Adjust Contrast tool.
Adjust Contrast tool
To make the colours more intense or muted, use the Adjust Saturation tool.
Adjust Saturation tool
To change a colour image to black & white, click the Grayscale button.
Gray scale tool
To invert the colours to negative,  click the Invert tool.
Invert colours tool
To restore the original image, click the Reset button.
Reset image tool
Download Your Image Manipulation Changes
If you want to download any changes you have made to the image, click Download and select Download Current View. To download the original image on your computer instead, select Download Entire Image.
To Compare Pages on your Screen
Change layout icon 
Changing the layout allows you to compare the pages within a book. 
You can change the number of visible slots within the viewer. This feature allows you to compare two items, or even multiple items, on your screen at the same time. Then, arrange the items on your screen using the Change Layout button.
Add slots where you want them to compare pages within a book.
You can also change the display of the images within each slot.

Additional Layout Configurations
Landscape icon
The landscape icon allows you to select different different views from the default Image View, to Book, Scroll, or Gallery views.
Full screen icon 
To view the image in the full screen mode on your computer screen, click on the diagonal arrows at the top of the viewer.
 magnification icon 
In the image viewing screen, you can zoom in or out, using the + or - tools on the bottom-right, to magnify or reduce the image's size on your screen.
Rotation tools
To rotate the image, click on the rotating arrows to turn the image 90° clockwise or 90° counterclockwise.
To navigate to other pages in the document you can select them from the thumbnails below the image, or use the side arrows to go to the next page or to the previous one. The Thumbnail view beneath the screen shows you how many pages are in this document. The current page is highlighted.
navigation buttons for thumbnail views
To go to the next page or previous one, use the arrows to the left and right of the image.
navigation arrows to another page
Viewing the Image
You can also click and drag the item from side to side or up and down within the image area to view different parts of the item and its details.
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