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Title page cartouche to A catalogue of the drawings of Leonardo (1645)
Man with flat nose and protruding mouth
Man with small upturned nose and very high upper lip
Man with nose meeting lower lip
Hairless woman with open mouth and upturned nose
Woman with deformed mouth and conical hat
Man with protruding lower lip
Man with pointed nose touching his lower lip
Woman with protruding lower lip and curly hair
Man with flattened nose and elongated upper lip
Man with snub nose and flattened chin
Man with deformed upper lip and wig
Man with prominent chin and missing teeth
Bald elderly man looking down
Man with thick, short, curly hair
Profile of naked man with grim expression and long hair
Old man with curly hair and a lock of hair on his forehead
Old man with long pendant nose and prominent chin
Old man, clean shaven, prominent chin and a sinewy neck
Old man with drooping eyelid and prominent chin
Old man with pointed nose and prominent chin
Youth with long wavy hair and cap
Man with short hair and gown tied at neck
Man with thick curly hair
Woman with with many plaits