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L. Andrewes. Consecration of a church
Andrewes. Visitation of the sick
Polyglot Bible
Compton or Carleton.  Philosophia universa
Compton or Carleton.  Philosophia universa
King.  Cathedrall and Conventuall Churches
Allestree.  Causes of the decay of Christian piety
T. Allen.  Chain of scripture chronology
Clypeus spiritualis
Cosin. A scholastical history
Del Rio.  Disquisitiones
Diodati.  Pious annotations
Dugdale. Monsaticon Anglicanum
The whole duty of man
Tower of Babel
Hales.  Golden remains
Sacra Nemesis
Sacra Nemesis
Hibernia antiqua
The holy history
Hollar. Varie figurae
Howell.  Instructions for forreine travell
Johnson.  The academy of love