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Clopton and Shakespeare (monument)
Herhull family (monument)
Thomas de Cruwe (Crew) (monument)
Anne Danet (monument)
Digby family  (monument)
Sir George Digby (monument)
John Donne (monument)
Lady Alice Dudley (monument)
Lord Ambrose Dudley (monument)
Robert Dudley (monument)
Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester (monument)
Edward IV (monument)
Bruce (Elgin) (monument)
Enyon (monument)
St Erkenwald (monument)
Feilding (monument)
John Fisher (monument)
Thomas Fisher and Sir William Petto (monument)
Fitz-Hugh, Thomas de Eure, William Green (monument)
Frevill and Ferrers (monument)
John of Gaunt (monument)
John de Gavarelle (monument)
Greswold and Dabridgcourt (monument)
Fulk Greville, Lord Brooke (monument)
Fulk Greville, Lord Brooke (monument)