The Wenceslaus Hollar Collection

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William Peto (monument)
Shirley (monument)
Puckering (monument)
Purefoy (monument)
Roger Niger (monument)
Jane St Andrew (monument)
Sebba and Ethelred (monument)
Shuckburgh (monument)
Francis Smith (monument)
Spencer (monument)
Francis Throckmorton (monument)
John Throckmorton (monument)
Throckmorton (monument)
Throckmorton (monument)
Verney (monument)
Verney (monument)
Warwick. Hugeford. Beaufoy (monument)
Beauchamp, Earls of Warwick (monument)
Thomas Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick (monument)
Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick (monument)
Wightwick (monument)
Willoughby (Bugge) (monument)
Henry Windsor (monument)
Katharine Windsor (monument)
Wolley (monument)